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Surrendering Your Pet


Current Intake Procedures

Al-Van's Intake Center is open to the public by appointment only.

 If you are interested in surrendering a cat or have found a stray, please call our Intake Center at 269-639-2242 Monday through Friday 10am-5pm for more information. 

If you are interested in surrendering a dog, you must fill out the Dog Surrender Inquiry form, linked below. Submitting a form does not guarantee that we will be able to accept your dog. You will be contacted if we are able to take them in.

All animals are welcome at our shelter regardless of age or health. Behavior will be assessed prior to intake as our staff must be able to safely handle the animal. You must call ahead to ensure we have room to take in your pet. If we are at capacity we will provide you with a list of other shelter options or put your pet on our waiting list until space becomes available. Surrender fees do apply in some circumstances. 

We know that sometimes it is just not possible to keep a pet. Before making the decision to surrender a pet, please consider all of your options. We have resources and solutions that may be able to help you keep your pet in the home. Please contact us for more information.

Reach out to friends or relatives who might be able to give the pet a loving home. We advise against the use of social media such as Facebook or Craigslist to re-home pets, for safety reasons and to protect your pet.

If you must surrender a pet, please read the information about what to expect. Al-Van Humane Society works hard to place all adoptable animals into new loving homes. Information you provide, including a complete history, assists us in our ability to rehome your pet successfully

What to expect when surrendering a pet

Surrendering ownership of your pet: 

If you have decided to surrender your pet to the Al-Van Humane Society, there are a few necessary steps. Al-Van performs behavior assessments on all incoming animals, to ensure we can safely handle animals (required for daily animal care and staff safety). Should the assessment show any signs of aggression or other inability to handle the animal safely, the animal will not be accepted. If this happens, we will provide you with other options and resources to assist you.

If we are able to take the animal in, you will be asked to sign a release form giving Al-Van Humane Society legal ownership of the animal. Once you have signed the release statement, you may not reclaim your pet.

Pet's Medical Records:

Please bring any medical records you have for your pet. If you do not have records, please provide the name of the veterinary hospital you use so we can request records to have on file.

Your Pet's Personality:

Information you provide about your pet's health, behavior, habits, likes, and dislikes is helpful to rehoming your animal. Please be sure to share your pet's history of any biting, refusal to use the litter box, serious or chronic medical conditions, or any other health or behavioral issues that will help us with their care and in finding the best match for their future home.

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